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In today's era, 'Work hard, party harder' is the ideology that forms the backbone of corporate culture, and every organization has its own events, parties and sync-up meetings. Team Crispy ensures that our users get the very best in terms of food and service, at supremely reasonable rates. The process is relatively simple - the user puts forth his requirements on our application. Our partner restaurants curate deals depending on the requirements and number of people into consideration. Based on user preferences, location and other parameters like restaurant ratings, our app throws up a tremendous variety of results, from which he/she can take a pick. This entire process is simple, straightforward, hassle-free, and saves time, because instead of contacting every restaurant individually, the user has to simply click a button on the Crispy app. Moreover, our users also get a chance to negotiate with the eateries for better corporate food discounts and customized deals! Easy, isn't it?


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Send in the prerequisites and preferences for your event/group outing on our application

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Receive customised menus and special offers for your enquiry from a variety of restaurants

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Get a chance to negotiate with the restaurants and select the best deal of your choice


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Event Deals

Get customized deals specific to your event/outing

Cost negotiation

A chance to negotiate the cost incurred, per head, and get better deals

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Save time, reduce the hassle of last-minute confusion while shortlisting restaurants


Enjoy premium restaurants at slashed prices exclusive to your group booking

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Crispy App is a platform for employees of our valued partner companies to avail exclusive corporate discounts and other unique features at a variety of restaurants over the city.


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