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In today's era, 'Work hard, party harder' is the ideology that forms the backbone of corporate culture, and every organization has its own events, parties and bonding programs. But, planning these events requires a large number of man hours in the form of multiple phone calls and negotiations. Here’s where team Crispy App comes in, the user puts forth his/her requirements on our application. Our restaurant partners then curate menus, deals and offers unique to the user’s requirements and place a bid for the order. All the information is populated onto our platform, freeing up our users to use their time more productively. All they have to do is choose the offer that best suits their needs with a single click, making negotiation just an option. This way we ensure that our users get the most competitive deal while keeping the entire process simple, straightforward, hassle-free, time efficient and maintaining restaurant variety.

How it Works

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Put up the requirements for your event/ outing on the Crispy App.

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Get specially curated deals unique to your dine-in or delivery requirements.

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Make negotiation just an option and choose the deal that best suits your needs.


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Event Deals

Get customized deals specific to your event/outing

Cost negotiation

A chance to negotiate the cost incurred, per head, and get better deals

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Save time, reduce the hassle of last-minute confusion while shortlisting restaurants


Enjoy slashed prices at the best restaurants across Mumbai

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Crispy App is a platform for corporates and their employees to take advantage of exclusive discounts at a variety of restaurants across Mumbai.


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