Corporate Discounts

We help our partner companies to give their employees the highest sense of job satisfaction by offering exclusive tangible benefits in terms of their basic need: FOOD. A crispy app user can avail aggressive corporate discounts at various partner retail outlets across the city. Whether it’s a lunch, dinner, a snack, a drink, or even a delivery, Crispy is here to make it light on your pockets. Our user friendly app allows payments for the discounted bills with just a single click. We are growing our partner companies and our restaurant partners! We help Increase retention rates and build a productive and healthy workforce. So join us today and give your employees amazing perks through the Crispy App at a near to zero cost.


Browse the app and pick a deal of your choice using the various filters.

Pick a deal of your choice browse through it to get more details.

Choose to dine-in or pick the delivery option and enjoy your meal.


Give your employees high corporate discounts that are exclusive to the crispy app

Increase employee satisfaction and support employee outings

We service all sorts of outings,whether it's a business outing or a family dinner

Our user friendly app makes it easy for the customer to engage and make the most out of the corporate discounts offered

Crispy App is a platform for employees of our valued partner companies to avail exclusive corporate discounts and other unique features at a variety of restaurants over the city.


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