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'Flash Sale' is one of the unique highlights of Crispy App, chiefly because it empowers our partner restaurants to offer dynamic discounts, which are available to our users on the go. The moment a restaurant announces a sale, our users are notified promptly through the app, along with the details. They can then opt for a reservation using our booksure feature, for a refundable deposit, and have a fantastic meal at tremendously slashed prices. Our Flash Sales last for limited time periods, so be sure to grab the opportunity, and eat to your heart's content!


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Receive notifications on our app when restaurants announce a Flash Sale

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Browse through the sales and get the best services, at heavily discounted prices

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Book the number of spots you want and grab the deal


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Get extremely high food discounts for limited time periods exclusive to the Crispy App

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Reserve seats for yourself, your family and friends with our efficient Booksure feature


Avail exciting and dynamic deals from your favourite restaurants


Payment via the Crispy App, at the click of a single button

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Crispy App is a platform for employees of our valued partner companies to avail exclusive corporate discounts and other unique features at a variety of restaurants over the city.